IT Engineering S.r.l.

Let’s work together to make a great job.

IT Engineering S.r.l.

we do not leave our customers alone.

IT Engineering S.r.l.

we help our customers to reach their target.


Who We Are?

IT Engineering srl was founded in 2008 and is based on a thirty year know-how in the field of industrial automation. Our commitment is not only to obtain a good product but also, thanks to young and professional employees, to guarantee availability, professionalism, quality and tenacity in resolving any technical problems. The company is able to provide a complete service that accompanies our customers from the off-line simulation of robotic lines to commissioning, both on the robot side and on the PLC side and hardware design. In addition, the company has been structured to cope with new technologies coming in as virtual commissioning. Investing in technology means investing in the future.


IT Engineering S.r.l. consists of the following skills

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Why We're Awesome!

IT Engineering S.r.l. is an agile and flexible company that allows it to present itself as an ideal partner in respect of the solution of automation problems involving the use of sophisticated and complex equipment.


There’s a power in a group of people who work together toward a shared goal. A properly managed team, boost strengths and brings out the best in each member. Following this idea, really all employees should work in teams. Because there’s no better way to achieve more than by working together. Solutions are easy to come!


We understand challenges faced by our clients and specialize in devising solutions them needs! We do not just keep ourselves limited to process development, we partner with our customers to educate them about the latest technology and help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Well Documented

Documenting procedures is an important aspect of running our business. Not only can it help improve efficiencies, it can also boost productivity. Documenting procedures help us uncover unnecessary procedures so you can implement more efficient processes. This help us cut costs and divert staff attention to more important tasks.

Best Employees

We believe in a strong company culture, where positive attitudes and values create a healthy working environment, good cooperation and the important balance between work and private life. We all believe in a winning culture where everybody works together to satisfy our customers.

High Tech

High technology & innovation first: through our continuous research, we are always ready to seize new needs and create innovative, avant-garde solutions. The same dynamic spirit and creativity went into the professional growth of our employees through training courses or courses on cutting-edge software.

Full Support

Our customer service relates to the service we provide before, during and after a purchase. It's how we interact with our customers. Improving our customer service skill lead to greater customer satisfaction and a more enjoyable experience for them.

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